Friday, January 31, 2020

Spider-Man Soars Above Avengers Campus

Wow! We have new Avengers Campus news. When the new Marvel themed land opens at California Adventure this summer, Spider-Man will be swinging high above our heads.

Word came out back in 2019 that Disney was working on an extremely advanced animatronic, and now we officially know what they were up to. Check out the video below, released by Disney yesterday.

Looks like we're going to have a life size, acrobatic animatronic Spider-Man swinging into action before our very eyes! And in case you forgot, there's a lot more excitement heading our way when Avengers Campus opens. Here's what we know so far:
  • A Spider-Man attraction where you can fling webs and swing yourself across the city to help save the day

  • Meet and greets with your Marvel faves (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, and Black Panther to name a few)
  • Pym Test Kitchen, where you'll be able to try unusually sized foods that have been affected by Ant Man's growing and shrinking technology
  • In Phase 2 (date unknown), we'll find another e-ticket style ride where you can fly the Quintet and help the Avengers fight to save the world

With all this new info out, what are you most excited for? Give us a shout and let us know!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Disneyland 2020 Update

The new year is here! Time to take down the holiday decorations, make some resolutions, and get organized. For the Disneyland Resort, that means a new ride, new events, new entertainment, and some much needed ride refurbishments. Are you heading to the parks in 2020? Here's what you can expect for the start of the new decade.

A Brand New Ride!

Whether or not you're a Star Wars fan, Rise of the Resistance (opening January 17) is looking like it'll be an incredible experience. We've peeked at what they have over in Walt Disney World, and this looks like nothing we've ever seen before! At nearly 20 minutes long, this attraction uses brand new tech, enormous animatronics, and is full of surprises. Is it a dark ride? Is it a simulator? Is it a roller coaster? Yes and no! We're so helpful right? We'd rather not give too much away, but if you're curious and don't like surprises, check out a ride through on YouTube.

New Entertainment!

Making it's debut on February 28, Magic Happens is a brand new daytime parade. Let's face it, it's been a long time since we've seen a new daytime parade! It should be an amazing mix of old and new. Classic characters combined with characters from Moana, Coco, and Frozen. Well known and loved Disney music mixed with a new song from Todrick Hall. Look for this parade daily starting February 28.

Themed Parties!

Disneyland After Dark parties are back for 2020! There are four planned so far and tickets go fast, so if these sound amazing to you, you'd better snatch up tickets now. They're pricey at $109 per person, but you'll get some amazing experiences that you can't get on a regular park day like staying after closing, special decorations, shows, characters, and shorter wait times.

**FYI: From what we've heard about these parties before, not every ride is open but most people want to do all of the character photo ops so the ride lines tend to be pretty short. Take advantage and plan out what you want to be able to see and do!

  • On January 29 there's 80s night: Fantasyland Theater is transformed back into Videopolis (if you're old like me, you'll remember this one!) with music and dancing, an 80s themed fireworks show, special food and merch, and special "nostalgic" meet and greets. 
  • February 12 and 13 will be Sweethearts night, returning from last year: Love song themed dance parties located across Disneyland Park, meet and greets with Disney couples, romantic photo ops, and (as always) special food and merch. 
  • March 5 will be Pixar Night over at California Adventure: Check out Pixar dance parties that are themed to the different classic movies, Pixar pal photo ops, and *of course* special food and merch!
  • Also in DCA on April 30 is the amazing VILLAINS NIGHT: Check out your favorite villains in the Villains Cabaret show, photo ops with villains and photo backdrops of their lairs, and YOU GUESSED IT, special food and merch! (Seeing the pattern??)

Closed for Refurbishment

It's never fun to get to the parks only to find out that your favorite ride is closed. On the other hand, we all know that some rides need a little TLC. So at least you can know what to expect when you get there if you check out our list of planned refurbishments for the beginning of 2020.
  • Snow White's Scary Adventure
    • Beginning January 7, Snow White is getting a major makeover. You can expect new projections (much like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland got), new music, and a BRAND NEW ENDING! You'll no longer be left hanging when the dwarfs defeat the witch. We'll get a new scene where Snow White happily wakes up in the forest. So exciting! Plus the outside of the ride will get a facelift to help it match the castle. No official word yet on how long the ride will be closed, but we've heard this might be a long one, reopening in the Summer. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates. 
  • Haunted Mansion
    • The Haunted Mansion always closes in January to take down the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay, but this year its getting an extended renovation to the exterior of the ride. It seems that the overlay has done a decent amount of damage over time, so that's going to be fixed up, reopening sometime in the Spring. 
  • Indiana Jones
    • We know that Indy is going to get a major refurb sometime in 2020, but so far there aren't any details as to when. So we'll do our very best to keep you all up to date!

That's everything we know so far! What are you most excited for? I, personally, can't wait to see what they do with Snow White. I loved the Alice in Wonderland enhancements, but was underwhelmed by the additions to Peter Pan. I'm hoping that with the new scene, Snow White will feel totally fresh and exciting. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Holidays at Disneyland 2019

It's been quite a few years since we've been able to visit Disneyland during the holidays, and to be totally honest, we miss it! So we love doing these seasonal updates so people who are lucky enough to be planning a trip to the Disneyland Resort this holiday season can plan ahead, or people like us who are staying home this year can dream about their next trip! The most wonderful time of the year begins at Disneyland starting November 8 and we've got your details below. From shows to ride overlays, food to decorations, there's a lot to go through. So let's dive in!


It's a Small World Holiday Lighting

Photo Credit: Disney
Beginning at dusk, and then every 30 minutes throughout the night, there's an adorable projection show with music, lights, and holiday fun right on the front of the ride itself!

California Adventure Tree Lighting

If you're not heading over to the Small World show at dusk, head over to the Christmas tree at California Adventure. They'll be doing a tree lighting ceremony every evening!

Christmas Fantasy Parade

Photo Credit: Disney
See all of your favorite Disney and Pixar friends ready for the holidays, followed by a visit from Santa! (Santa!!!!!!) Keep in mind that the parade is weather permitting, but there's not usually much of an issue with that in Southern California.

World of Color Season of Light

Photo Credit: Disney

Where are my World of Color fans at??? World of Color returns for the holiday season with a special show. Don't forget to get Fastpasses for the show near the Little Mermaid Adventure or book a dining package for guaranteed seats. There's also open viewing area but space is limited!

Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks Show

Finish off your night with the always amazing Believe in Holiday Magic. Who doesn't love a little Disney snow??

Ride Overlays
Sadly, the Jingle Cruise still isn't returning to Disneyland this year (boo!), but the classics are still coming back, one with a new twist!

It's a Small World Holiday

The It's a Small World holiday transformation is back, and this year we've got a new twist...3 scents!! Head over to the classic attraction and get your sniffer ready for cinnamon in South America, coconut in the South Seas, and cherry blossom in Asia. Personally, I think this should stay year round. I'd love to see (smell?) scents of the world incorporated into the regular version of the ride, just like Soarin'!

Haunted Mansion Holiday

My all time favorite attraction. No competition. This year, you can admire the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary gingerbread house in the ballroom scene.

Let's Talk Food!!!
There are A LOT of special seasonal food offerings this year.

Festival of the Holidays

This food spectacular is back at DCA and there are some amazing choices. Too many, in fact, for us to try to come up with highlights. Good thing Disney Food Blog was here to make this handy guide for us all!

Credit: Disney Food Blog 

Other Seasonal Offerings

You should be able to find seasonal menu items all over the parks, but we recommend:

  • Pumpkin Soup in a bread bowl at Boudin
  • Pecan Monkey Bread at the Bengal BBQ
  • Santa's Cookies and Milk Churro at the churro cart near Casey Jr
  • Peppermint Holiday Sundae at the Gibson Girl
  • Hot Chocolate Beignets at Cafe Orleans
  • Thanks-mas Sandwich (Oven-roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce on rustic bread) at the Jolly Holiday)

You know Disney is going to decorate the parks right! Take a look at some of this beauty!

What do you think?? What looks best to you? Anything new you're excited to see? Sound off in the comments and don't forget to stay tuned to our Facebook Page for info on Candy Canes as soon as it becomes available. Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary History and Trivia

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion celebrated it's 50th anniversary earlier this month. In honor of fifty years of spooky fun, we've put together a list of fun details, history, and trivia! Enjoy, and be sure to let us know you're favorite piece of Haunted Mansion trivia. We love to learn new Disney facts!

Walt Wanted the Mansion Scary on the Inside, but Not the Outside

Original designs for the exterior of the Haunted Mansion had shattered windows, broken shutters, and even bats flying around. However, Walt Disney didn't like the idea of something so shabby being visible as you walk through the park so plans were changed so that it would look like a normal house on the outside, but be completely haunted on the inside.

There was a Five Hour Wait Time On Opening Day

You think wait times are bad now? It's reported that on it's opening day, the line for the Haunted Mansion was up to five hours long and stretched back to Fantasyland! (Which btw makes the time I waited 3-4 hours for Indiana Jones and the line curved out of Adventureland, down Main Street, and wrapped into Frontierland seem much less impressive.)

There's a Very Practical Reason for the Stretching Portrait Room
Photo Credit: Mansionology
Ever wonder why you're in an elevator for the Stretching Portrait Room, only to walk down a hallway, board a Doom Buggy, and go back uphill when the ride itself begins? Then, of course, you go back down for the graveyard scene, and up one more time as you exit the ride.

The reason for all of this up and down is that the tracks to the Disneyland Railroad are literally in the way of a smooth ride. There's not much in the actual "Mansion" itself. Most of the attraction is in a rather large building backstage. But because the train runs directly behind the mansion, the workaround for imagineers was to have you go down an elevator (the stretching room), walk under the tracks (the hallway with the haunted portraits), go back up into the building that holds the main part of the attraction (going uphill into the Endless Hallway), go back down at the end to cross back under the train tracks (going down from the bride's room into the graveyard), then come back up to exit the ride (the escalator as you pass the "Hurry Back" ghost). That's a lot of work!!!

Extra Fun Fact!! This is why if you visit the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World, the ceiling lifts in the stretching portrait room. There's no need for you to go down!

One of the Glass Panels in the Ballroom Scene has been Broken for Decades

If you've ever looked REALLY carefully during the ballroom scene, you may have noticed a spider sitting on a web. It's all the way on the left side before you leave the room, and it's at about eye level - so you won't notice it if you're looking down at the ghostly dancers. The spider is actually there to cover a crack in the glass! The piece of glass is so enormous that they'd actually have to lift it out through the roof so they've never fixed it. Rumor has it a kid with a BB gun shot at it, but there's no concrete info on what actually broke the window in the first place.

The Hatbox Ghost Returned Because They Could Finally Get it Right

Photo Credit: The Disney Blog
When Disneyland brought back the Hatbox Ghost in 2015, some fans were confused as to why he was a big deal, other than being a super spooky ghost with an awesome special effect. The original ads for the Haunted Mansion back in the 60s all had the Hatbox Ghost prominently displayed on them. He was everywhere. But when the ride opened, the effect just wasn't right. There was too much ambient light for this face to fully disappear from either his body or the hatbox. It just didn't work, so he was quickly removed. Over the years he became a little bit of a legend, with some Disney fans remembering him but there being very little evidence he ever existed within the ride. Fast forward to Disneyland's Diamond Celebration and he returned with much fanfare now that the technology was there to really get the effect of his face leaving his body and appearing in his hatbox to be just as creepy as it was originally intended to be.

Hidden Mickey of Dishes

Photo Credit: Inside the Magic
For the Hidden Mickey lovers: There's always a Mickey made out of the dishes on the table in the ballroom scene. It gets moved around once in a while, but it's always there somewhere.

Hidden Belle in the Bride Room

Photo Credit Unknown...but it's a great shot!!
This one is newer and I honestly don't know how long it'll be around (much like the Lego Captain Jack Sparrow that used to be in the Pirates of the Caribbean), but there is a small figurine of Belle in the Bride's Attic room. I'm hoping it'll still be there when I next visit because I haven't seen this one there for myself. Have any of you?

Madame Leota is Actually an Imagineer

Leota Toombs working on Pirates of the Caribbean (Photo Credit: D23)
The floating head of Madame Leota is one of the most iconic images of the Haunted Mansion. While you may know that she is voiced by Disney legend Eleanor Audley (voice of Maleficent and Lady Tremaine), did you know that the face you see belongs to Imagineer Leota Toombs? Leota worked for Disney originally in the Ink and Paint department, and then as an Imagineer for classic attractions like Its a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion itself. She's also the model for the "Hurry Back" bride at the end of the ride (and the voice that time as well!).

Madame Leota in the Holiday Overlay is her Daughter

Photo Credit: Chip and Co
Keeping it in the family, the face of Madame Leota that's used in Haunted Mansion Holiday belongs to Leota Tooms' daughter, Kim Irvine (also an Imagineer!).

The Haunted Mansion is based off of a Real House

The exterior of the Haunted Mansion is based off the Shipley-Lydecker house in Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately the house is no longer standing, but you can see how it's practically identical to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Disneyland Announcements from D23

The D23 Expo was this weekend and it was AMAZING. There were exciting announcements about upcoming Disney movies, TV, and Disney+ streaming. They shared the new collaboration between Disney and Target (check out our Facebook for more details on that one). A new ship for the Disney Cruise Line was announced. Dick Van Dyke was even there to help share the news about a new Mary Poppins attraction coming to Epcot, along with a major overhaul of that entire park.

But, Dole Whip A Day is a pretty Disneyland Resort specific site so we're here to break down all the great info that came out about Walt's original Happiest Place on Earth. Are your ready? Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the blog. Here we go!

Avengers Campus Name and Details

Ever since Bug's Land closed, we've known that a Marvel themed land was coming. Sometime in 2020, you can visit the Avengers Campus (official name) where you can sling webs with Spider-Man to help him collect "Spider-Bots that have run amok." I'm not sure if it's more like Toy Story Midway Mania where you feel like you're in a game or if it's more like Smuggler's Run where how you perform affects the ride itself, but I can't wait to find out!

First look at the actual ride vehicle, from Disney Food Blog

You can eat at the Pym Test Kitchen, where Ant Man and the Wasp have apparently been trying to grow and shrink food! So many huge, tiny, and delicious possibilities...

Expect lots of character meet and greets all around the Avengers Headquarters, where **in PHASE TWO of the land opening** you'll fly in the Quinjet to Wakanda for an epic battle with the Avengers! No dates yet on Phase 2, FYI.

Mickey's Runaway Railway

Who else was THRILLED when they announced earlier this year that there'll finally be a Mickey themed ride inside of Disneyland??? Mickey's Runaway Railway is coming to Toontown, but not until 2022. (If you're a WDW lover, they'll be opening in Hollywood Studios in 2020.) I don't mind the long wait if it means Toontown will finally start getting the facelift and love it deserves. Anyway...

We're being promised a fully immersive story with great effects that will make you feel like you've not just boarded Goofy's train, but also gone straight into a Mickey and friends cartoon.

At D23 they shared some concept art, ride vehicle model, Cast Member costumes, and sneak peaks at Imaginears at work. Take a look!

Concept art of the El CapiTOON Theater where you'll enter the ride

Cast Member costumes designed and ready to go. Photo credit: WDW News Today

Model of the ride vehicle, which I'm hoping will have additional rows of seats, like in earlier concept art

Imaginears are hard at work getting this together. 

A Brand New Daytime Parade

Sorry Soundsational lovers, a new daytime parade has just been announced and we think it'll knock your socks off! Coming Spring of 2020, you can see Moana sailing in her canoe over a huge wave, Miguel and his family from Coco on opposite sides of the marigold bridge, and even a Sleeping Beauty float where Aurora's dress changes from pink to blue right in front of your eyes! (If that sounds familiar, there's been a video going around for the last year or two of that happening in a Disney parade but it's photoshopped. This will be the real deal!)

Sneak Peak of Rise of the Resistance

As Phase 2 of Galaxy's Edge gets ready for January 2020, Disney showed some video clips of the new Rise of the Resistance ride at D23, and there are some amazing things happening! Check out these images of Kylo Ren's lightsaber cutting straight into your ride vehicle from above, huge AT-AT style walkers (not sure their names, sorry Star Wars super fans) coming straight towards you, and a very realistic looking hologram talking to the riders. (They're not perfect pictures because they're pictures of a video, but they're enough to get you excited!

What are you most excited for? I personally can't wait to see a new parade, and am ready to be amazed by all the rest.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Halloween (already!) at Disneyland

Ok people, we're about two weeks away from the beginning of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort. Are you ready for this?? Officially beginning on September 6, Halloween Time brings new food offerings, the return favorite ride overlays and park decorations, and a new version of the Halloween Party. Let's dive in.

Because I'm hungry as I write this, let's start with the food


Most churro carts will be adding a special Halloween flavor (pumpkin spice in New Orleans Square and at the Cozy Cone, Maleficent churro on Main Street, S'mores churro at the Golden Gate churro cart, etc) so if you consider yourself a churro aficionado, be sure to hit up all the carts and please let us know which was your fave.


Photo Credit: Mickey Visit
If you're looking for other desserts, there are still endless options!

In Disneyland Park, the Jolly Holiday will have lots of new baked goodies, including a Cruella de Ville brownie, pumpkin layered cheesecake, and a spiced bundt cake. Head over to the Gibson Girl for a Halloween sundae, or the Plaza Inn for Main Street Mickey's pound cake (pictured above).

In California Adventure, head over to Clarabelle's for a Bat Wing raspberry sundae, get a caramel apple smoothie at Schmoozie's, or try the pumpkin bread pudding at the Pacific Wharf Cafe.

Not Just Sweets!!!

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit

If you're in the mood for something spooky but not ready for dessert, there's still lots to try!

Over on the Disneyland Park side, you can get the Halloween hot dog at the Refreshment Corner, spiced ham musubi (above) at the Bengal Barbecue, or the crab and corn chowder at Cafe Orleans.

If you're heading to DCA, try the Oktoberfest dog at Award Weiners, fire dragon tacos at the Studio Catering Company, or the stinky-but-tasty anti-vampire chicken pizza at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta.

Oogie Boogie Bash

This year, instead of the usual Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland Park, the party's heading to California Adventure for the Oogie Boogie Bash! DCA will close early to the general public so the party can start at 6pm. You'll get five hours to meet characters in their Halloween costumes, see World of Color: Villainous, go trick or treating, check out the new Frightfully Fun Parade, and wander through the newly transformed (for Halloween, not forever) Redwood Challenge Trail where "Disney Villains create an enchanting world, twisting the forest into a hauntingly beautiful grove of color, sound, light and shadow."

Tickets are available for $110 per person every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from September 6 through Halloween. A couple of dates are already sold out, so if you really want to check this out you should act fast!

Ride Overlays

Classic Halloween ride overlays are returning this year. Once again, my very favorite Haunted Mansion Holiday will be back. Joining it are the spooky overlays and Halloween music for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree ("JamBOOree"),  Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters (Honkin' Haul-O-Ween) and Guardian's of the Galaxy Mission Breakout (Monsters After Dark). 

** Attn Space Mountain Fans: Ghost Galaxy will NOT be returning this year. Instead, Hyperspace Mountain will stay up through the Halloween season. 

Spooky Decorations

Disneyland really does it up for Halloween. From the classic decor at the Main Street Train Station, to the creepy Headless Horseman on Buena Vista Street, there are spooky touches everywhere. Just check out our pics from last year!
It's Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort!

Elvis has got to be my favorite of the many, many, jack-o-lanterns up and down Main Street 

Jack-o-lanterns matching the themes of all of the "lands" surround Walt and Mickey

The Halloween Tree in Frontierland is covered in tiny, hand decorated pumpkins.

You should see this guy at night! 

Bats surrounding the tower of Carthay Circle

You'll find purple lights everywhere in DCA, giving it an eerie glow all night!

CarsLand probably has the most decorations of anywhere else in the park.

Don't forget to go into Ramone's to find a Dia De Los Muertos offrenda for Doc.