Thursday, April 16, 2015

Disneyland After Dark

Let's face it, everything at Disneyland is awesome. But some things are just better at night! Here are my top 5 rides to do after dark.

5. Tower of Terror
Yes, it's even spookier at night, but also you get to avoid that crazy bright sun in your eyes when the doors open at the very top. (And if you're lucky, you can see a little of World of Color if you look off to the right!)

4. Anything in Fantasyland
At night, the carousel is beautifully lit and the babies are asleep in their hotel rooms. What more could you ask for???

3. Astro Orbitor
The lines on the Astro Orbitor can get really crazy (and hot!). My favorite time to get in line is at night, a little before the fireworks start. Most people are scoping out a spot on Main Street so the wait time is shorter, and if you time it out right, you can see some fireworks while you're up high in your rocket!

2. Anything in Cars Land
Cars Land is always fun and a perfect replica of Radiator Springs. But you know what's even better? The neon lights! Even if you go first thing in the morning to snag a prime FastPass for Radiator Springs Racers, this is worth a second visit after the sun goes down.

1. Thunder Mountain
Thunder is one of my favorites! But sometimes I feel like I've been on it so many times that I know exactly what the train is going to do next. Enter darkness and it's one surprise after another! (Pro Tip: Turn a little bit so you're facing the people in the row behind you. You'll never know what's coming next.)

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