Friday, April 24, 2015

Beyond the Castle: Other Great Photo Ops

Everyone loves a picture in front of the castle. Its beautiful and iconic. I take one every time - except for my trip last February when the castle was covered in! What are your favorite photo op spots aside from the obvious (yet gorgeous) castle? Here are my top 5!

1. Rivers of America

This is a spot where you can see so many things: the water, the Fantasmic stage, Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain (depending on which way you're facing), and if you time it right, you can also catch the Mark Twain, rafts to Tom Sawyer's Island, and canoes! This is a perfect spot to snap a pic of the scenery or to catch your group's sming faces.

2. Story Book Land

What could be better than a giant whale in your pictures??? Nothing, that's what!

3. Story Tellers Statue

This statue of Walt and Mickey may not be as famous as Partners, but I love how accessible it is on the ground where you can walk right up to it and put your arm around Walt Disney like he's your best buddy. 

4. The Food!!

Ok, so it's not exactly a place. But there is some beautiful food to be photographed and remembered! Check out this cupcake that'll be available for the 60th anniversary.

5. Train Station 

Just as you enter the gates to Disneyland, you're greeted by the train station and the floral Mickey. The flowers are always perfectly in bloom, and every 5-10 minutes the train is in the station. I've taken a picture of my boys in front of it for the last five trips (since the little one was two months old!) and I plan on doing it again and again so I can look back and see them grow in front of this constantly beautiful backdrop. 

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