Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disney Exercise

As you can probably tell by our name and most of our posts, we LOVE to eat all the great treats at Disneyland. I've always told myself that I probably get enough exercise with all the walking I do in one day there to make up for the Dole Whips, Churros, ice creams, whatever! But is it true? I wore a FitBit to track my exercise on my last trip. Here's the rundown:


This was the busiest day of my trip in February. We walked to and from the hotel and back and forth between the parks at least once. 


Just to give you a baseline for me, on a normal day I take about 6,000 steps and maybe walk 2 miles. So this is a huge jump for me!! Nearly 5 times as many steps. And almost 12 miles?? Based on my Google Maps rough estimate, it's around 1.5 miles from Toontown to Paradise Pier, and my hotel was about a half mile from the entrance. What kind of crazy convoluted route must we walk around the parks to turn that into 12 miles?? I wish I could have tracked that on a map!

Active Minutes 

249 active minutes! 4 hours of activity?? Wow! Even if this gets a little skewed by rides (which I have a feeling the faster/bumpier rides might do), that's an insane amount of activity. From what FitBit says, active minutes are anything "more strenuous than regular walking" and I think needs to be at least ten minutes at a time. So not only am I walking all day, I'm booking it!

Calories Burned

This is my favorite. The more calories I burn, the more I can eat, right??? On a normal day, I burn about 1,700 calories (this is according to FitBit's calculations, but it seems about right). That's 700 free calories! Let's break it down...

Dole Whip = 90 calories (a steal!)
Churro = 240 calories
Mickey Ice Cream Bar = 330 (yikes)

I could eat all of three of these and still come in under the 700. 

Super Exciting Conclusion

Eat up!!!


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