Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Disneyland Bucket List

Its funny to think that after all my trips to Disneyland there are still things I haven't done/seen/eaten. I've compiled my Disney Bucket List below! (I didn't include seeing the new things for the 60th anniversary, because I plan on doing all of those soon!)

What's on your list?

5. Run Disney

There are three racing events (ranging from 5k to half marathon) that take place in Disneyland every year. There are more if you want to travel to Disney World or even Disneyland Paris. I always think about doing one, but then I remember I'm a terrible runner. I could possibly do a 5k, but I could also possibly finish dead last. 

But the medals you get for finishing these races are really too cute for words! And they give medals to kids who do the special "kids races" too.

4. Eat at Carthay Circle

I've been lucky enough to eat at Blue Bayou a few times, but I haven't been to the Carthay Circle yet. The menu looks amazing! Thick cut pork chop and California mushroom chili and onion fondue with dried cherries? A glass of Lasseter Family wine? Yes, please!

3. See Walt Disney's Apartment

I've never taken a tour at Disneyland before, and I'm usually not that interested - I'm pretty capable of getting myself around the park! But if you go on the Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour, you actually get to go into Walt Disney's private apartment above the fire station!

2. Attend a 24 Hour Party

It looks completely insane. People line up and camp out only to wake up at the crack of dawn and brave impossible crowds, just to say they did it...these are my kind of people!

1. Stay in a Signature Suite at the Disneyland Hotel

Have you heard of these? There are 7 different themes (Adventureland, Ambassador, Big Thunger, Blue Sky, Mickey Mouse Penthouse, and Pirates of the Caribbean) and each suite can sleep 6 people. Each suite is also around $4,000 per night!!! But check out these pictures!

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  1. The Fairytale suite is only around $1500 per night. It only sleeps two. It is a corner suite and has a spectacular view. It is next door to the concierge club which is included with the suite.