Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Fastpass Sharing App

Have you ever had a Fastpass for a ride that you know you're not going to be able to use? Have you ever gotten over to Radiator Springs Racers too late in the day and all the Fastpasses are gone? Now there's a great new app for giving and finding Fastpasses! Available in the App Store (looks like it's just for IPhones), Pass It Forward is a new free app that allows you to:

• post about Fastpasses you want to give away
• set up alerts for specific rides/shows you're interested in finding Fastpasses for 
• set a timer that you can use to remind yourself what time your passes are for

Bonus! When your timer is done, your phone will play the whistle noise you hear when you enter the main gate to the parks. Fun!!

The app has only been available for a couple of days so there isn't much action yet, but I've had a chance to play around with it and here's what I've seen so far:

I set up alerts for some of the major rides in the parks. (Rides listed they have an eye icon next to them are the ones in "watching.")

When passes became available that matched one of my rides, I got a notification on my phone. 

I could easily find the conversation about the Space Mountain Fastpasses in the app and, if I were lucky enough to actually be in the park, I could have sent a message back to claim them! (The Alerts button is to either get more notifications about these passes or to turn them off if I'm not interested.)

Pass It Forward is a really fun app that I hope takes off! In the two days I've been checking it out, I've seen four sets of Fastpasses come up based o my setting. That's not bad for a brand new app.

What a great way to share Disney magic with other park guests!! I'll be giving it a try on my next trip. 

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