Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What to do During Construction

We're only a couple months into the extended closures of the Disneyland Railroad and the Rivers of America due to Star Wars Land construction. How are you holding up? If you haven't been to the parks yet or if you've been avoiding old favorites so you don't miss them too much, we're here today to tell you all the fun you can have during the closures!

Up Close and Personal with Trains

The Main Street and New Orleans Square stations are both open with trains parked in front and there's plenty to do! You can:

• Talk to the engineers and ask any questions

• Take awesome up close pictures of the trains

• Peek inside the Lilly Belle car (at Main Street Station)

• Cross the tracks (at New Orleans Square) to get a great look at the station building you otherwise never get to see

• Do puzzles with Cast Members! (They were set up at New Orleans Square last time I looked and they just work on big Disney puzzles in a shady spot)

• Have a mini photo shoot. Disney photographers are there and ready to take lots of pics of you and your family

Explore the Mark Twain

The Columbia might be gone for now, but the Mark Twain is docked at the front of the Rivers of America and is just waiting to be explored!

• Listen to live music! There is a jazz band set up in the stage area on the second floor. Go hang out and listen. 

• Watch old Disneyland footage on a TV set up in the little room behind the jazz band area. 

• Relax!!!!! There are tables and chairs set up everywhere. Bring some coffee or a snack, have a seat, and enjoy what may be the only relaxing moment of a fast paced day. 
Pro tip: Get the ice cream nachos from the nearby Golden Horseshoe to eat while you enjoy a table overlooking the water. Perfection! 

Sneak a Peak at the Construction!

Ok, there's not much to see right now besides big piles of dirt, but you can catch a glimpse at the Star Wars Land progress from these locations:

• The roof of the Mickey and Friends parking structure has an unblocked view. I'd suggest bringing a big zoom lens for your camera, though, if you really want to be able to see. 

• The top of the second hill in thunder mountain backs up o the construction zone. Take a look to the left (instead of the goat to your right) and you'll have a closer look at trucks pushing the dirt around. 

• Peek through fences and gates to get an even closer look. Watch out though. Cast members frown on this one!