Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - 2017 Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we at Dole Whip A Day are here to help with the holiday shopping for the Disney Lover in your life!

Be sure to check out our previous gift guides (Volume 1 and Volume 2) for more ideas!

1. Special Ears!

Whether you're lucky enough to go on a Disney vacation during the holidays or you just want to have a little extra Disney magic at home with the family, these 3D printed ears from Storybrook Boutique on Etsy will be perfect for anyone. (Also check out their non-holiday themed ears. They have Dole Whip!!!)

 2. Hidden Mickey Book

Test your friends' knowledge of Hidden Mickeys around Disneyland with this awesome book, available at Shop Disney.

Photo Credit: Shop Disney

3. Build Your Own R2D2!

Kids/Star Wars lovers will be thrilled to build their own R2D2 with the Little Bits Droid Inventor Kit. First you build his electronic components (not difficult for kids!), customize his look, then you take him on missions through an easy to use app. (My 7 year old got it for his birthday and loves it!)

Photo Credit: Little Bits

4. How About a Fun Ornament?

There is nothing funnier than a primped Beast in the bath hanging on your tree! Check out this ornament available through Amazon. (Btw, do you think the bathtub is alive, since it's in the Beast's castle? Am I the only one a tiny bit upset by that thought?)

5. Gear for an Upcoming Disney Trip

I may or may not have taken this one straight from my own Wish List...I'll never tell. But Disney Parks fans will all agree that seeing the castle makes you feel at home. Why not wear that feeling on your hoodie? Grab one here!

6. Disney Breakfast, yum!

Gift the gift of Disney breakfast with a Mickey Waffle Iron and the same brand of waffle mix used by Disney Parks!

Photo Credit: Golden Malted

7. Disney Nails

A little Disney nail art can brighten up a regular day at home or give a fun boost on a Disney trip. Check them out at Jamberry or contact our friend Kim Bosket with questions!

Photo Credit: Jamberry

8. Keep Your Head Warm With Mickey

Know a Disney Lover who lives in cold weather? This unisex beanie adds a little Mickey style when its freezing outside.

9. Disney Family Game Night

There are so many fun board games on the market right now, so you know there are some good Disney ones in there as well. My favorites are Disney Code Names, Disney Family Feud, and Haunted Mansion Life.

10. For a Special Occasion

How about Darth Vader cufflinks to add a little fun to any dressy occasion?

Photo Credit: Shop Disney

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2017 Holidays at Disneyland

With Halloween over, Disneyland is doing its amazingly quick turnaround into the Holiday Season. The official start is November 10, and that's just days away, so let's take a look at what you can expect this year.

Photo Credit: frncissdominc
The snowy, glittering castle is back and as beautiful as ever. Practically everywhere you look has some festive decorations going on, so if you're there be sure to look up and look around. You don't want to miss anything.

If you love gigantic Christmas trees, head over to Buena Vista Street in DCA every day between November 10 and December 30 for the tree lighting ceremony!

Photo Credit: jollypoppins7

Ride Overlays

Haunted Mansion Holiday has been here since mid-September, but now joining it will be Small World Holiday.

Sad news: no Jingle Cruise this year. If you're looking for holiday themed corny jokes, you'd better pack your bags for Florida, since Jingle Cruise is alive and well at Disney World.


Photo Credit: Disney
The classic Christmas Fantasy Parade is back along with the Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks show. Who doesn't love when it snows (soaps?) on Main Street???

World of Color Season of Light will combine classic Disney movies and characters with fun and festive holiday music.

The "Holiday Time" tour will be returning, with some new updates, so if you've taken if before, you may want to do it again! You'll tour both parks over two and a half hours, get reserved seating for the Christmas parade, plus take home a pin and personalizable button! (If anyone goes on the tour, please share pics of the pin and button, we're dying to see!)

Over at California Adventure, check out the Viva Navidad Street Party led by the Three Caballeros (Donald Duck, Panchito, and Jose Carioca). This looks like it'll be lots of energetic fun, with Disney characters, dancers, musicians, and giant 12 foot puppets!

And if you're really in the holiday spirit, be sure to visit Santa himself and get a perfect picture! Santa has taken over the Redwood Challenge Trail (a favorite spot of mine, to begin with). Grab an activity map and visit all of the games and activities - when you're map is all complete, you can bring it back to learn the secret of what type of elf you are.


Let's start with everyone's favorite - hand made candy canes! I just got a peek at the schedule yesterday, so take a look at where these amazing treats will be available on the day you're planning on going so you don't miss out (Candy Palace in Disneyland Park, or Trolly Treats in DCA)! Be sure to grab a wrist band first thing in the morning to reserve your candy cane.
Photo Credit: MousePlanet

Head over to the Sonoma Terrace to decorate your own Mickey Snowman cookie! Is it a delicious treat? Is it a fun holiday activity? Who cares? It sounds perfect!

Photo Credit: Disney

If you love the Food and Wine Festival at DCA, you're going to flip over the Festive Food Marketplace. 12 different kiosks will be set up all around the park. We don't have a complete menu yet, but just the kiosk descriptions we found on Disneyland's website has us ready to munch (and sip!).

Plus check all the usual snack spots across both parks for special holiday themed baked goods.


Is it weird that this is our favorite part? We've peeked at what's available thanks to our favorite source of Disneyland merch, The Personal Disneyland Shopper (check her out and shop directly from her here!). Take a look at what she's spotted already. Which is top on your wish list?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Underrated Foods of Disneyland

Some Disney foods get all the love: Dole Whip (obvs), churros, Plaza Inn fried chicken, Mickey pancakes. These are the delicious and iconic foods that we read about on all the blogs and see all over Instagram. That got us to thinking about other food we love to eat on our Disney trips that are just as delicious, but don't get as much attention. Here's our list of some underrated alternatives to the Disneyland classics!

Skip the Turkey Leg and Grab a Chimichanga Instead

The turkey legs are gooood, but if you're in the mood for something different (and maybe not quite so enormous) go for the Chimichanga. Its crispy, warm, and just a little bit spicy. And did we mention its at the same stands as the turkey legs? Talk about convenient!

Instead of a Churro, try a Twist!

If you're not too into meeting princesses, you might not even know this delicious little cart even exists. These pastry twists come in three flavors: strawberry rose, "grey stuff," and cheddar garlic. They are so good, you'll be wondering why you haven't heard more about them!

Photo Credit: Dining at Disney
Ditch the Regular Popcorn and get a PopCone

The popcorn is salty, delicious, and a complete classic, but have you tried the flavored popcorn (or PopCone) at the Cozy Cone Motel? Amazing flavors included butter, dill pickle, buffalo ranch (!), white cheddar, Sriracha, pizza, or garlic parmesan. Too good to pass up!

Photo Credit: Disney

Instead of Dole Whip (NO!!!) Try a Dipped Soft Serve

While we're at the Cozy Cone, head over to Cone #2 for your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or swirl soft serve and please get it dipped in chocolate. It's simple, creamy, and delicious!

Photo Credit: First Comes Latte

Handmade Fudge over Caramel Apples

The caramel apples at Disneyland are amazingly decorated, but, let's face it, not the easiest thing to eat. Next time get a piece of the fudge, made onsite in a variety of tempting flavors. Its so simple that it often gets overlooked by the flashier desserts, but its incredible and you won't regret it (unless you don't like fudge. Then we can't help you, lol.)

Photo Credit: Disney

Try the Fish and Chips Rather than the Corn Dog

In the mood for something fried and crunchy but not the usual corn dog (amazing as it may be)? If you're already in line at the Stage Door Cafe, try the fish and chips instead! You get tartar sauce on the side plus lots of other dipping sauce options for your fries (ok, "chips"), which I think is one of the best reasons to go to the Stage Door in the first place. 

Photo Credit: Disneyland Today

Salad over Fried Chicken

The Plaza Inn fried chicken is amazing and don't even get me started on the mashed potatoes. But if you're in the mood for something lighter, PLEASE give the Cobb Salad a try! They're made to order right at the center station of the Plaza Inn. They're large, come with a breadstick, and possibly a better choice than fried food if your next stop is Space Mountain. 

Photo Credit: Disneyland Eats

Skip the Mickey Ice Cream Bar and Grab a Banana!

Its not Mickey shaped, but its just as delicious. Next time you're thinking about an alternative to the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, give the frozen banana a try (also give it a minute to thaw out if you value your teeth). Because, really, bananas and chocolate are a perfect combination.

Photo Credit: Oh My Disney
No Stinky Pickles, Grab a Fruit Cup

Disney pickles are kind of a thing, we know. We've heard they even give a special button for the first pickle sale of the day (souvenir goals!). But if you're looking for a cool alternative that no one else seems to notice, head over to Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland and get a fruit cup. Filled with pineapple, jicama, cucumber, watermelon, and lime (don't forget the pack of Tajin!), this is the perfect side dish or snack. BTW, they keep it with the refrigerated drinks, not the salads or desserts. Don't ask me why!

Pizza Salad Can Be Better Than Pizza Itself

The pizza at Pizza Port in Tomorrowland is overrated basically because it exists. It's just not good pizza. Sorry (not sorry). BUT, you can get all the great pizza flavor you love without actually having to eat that pizza! We recommend the Planetary Pizza Salad, which includes pepperoni, olives, mozzarella, and peppers. 

Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

Now Its Your Turn!

What would you consider an underrated Disneyland food, and what more common food would you substitute it for?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Disneyland Fall Photo Update

With September comes Disneyland's Halloween Time. We've already posted a list of what you can expect to see this year, but we wanted to show you as well!

Let's Start With Disneyland Park 

The original park has the awesome Halloween decorations that we've all come to love year after year!

Jack O Lantern Characters greet you while you're waiting to enter the park.
The Main Street Station is full of fall colors ands the Halloween Time logo.

The lines to get a pic with the giant Mickey pumpkin are pretty long, but so worth it. Look at his smile!
Photo Credit: Disney Examiner

The Main Street Pumpkin Festival is in full swing. My favorite is always the Elvis pumpkin in front of the music store!
Jack is back!

The Haunted Mansion Holiday will be here through early January. Don't forget those Fastpasses!

It might say "Xmas," but its perfect for Halloween!

Don't forget to check out The Halloween Tree in Frontierland.

The Halloween Tree is full of spooky fun!
Ok, the Matterhorn doesn't change for Halloween, but don't the seasonal balloons make it more festive??

On to California Adventure!

This is the first year of Halloween decorations at DCA, and they went all out!

Oogie Boogie greets you above the DCA entrance on your way in. 

Day or night, Oogie is ready for some Halloween fun!

The Headless Horseman is ready to ride through Buena Vista Street!

Purple lights are in all the trees.

Bats are escaping from the tower of Carthay Circle (I actually wish they could have added some movement to make the bats a bit more "alive")

Watch a live show describing the new Pixar movie Coco, and check out some great Dia de los Muertos decorations.

Cars Land is where most of the Halloween Action is! Spooky faces hang above the street.

Sit in the spider car at Flo's!

Luigi's has some new songs that are Halloween themed. 

Plus some tire pumpkins while you wait!

Car themed Halloween movie posters...Hocus Spokus!!!

Lizzy got in the "Haul-o-ween" spirit

Mater's pet tractor is a mummy, and the Junkyard Jamboree is now the Graveyard Jam-boo-ree.

Lightning, Mater, and Red are all out in their Halloween costumes.

Inside Ramone's you can find a Dia de los Muertos altar for Doc.

I love the gas can pumpkins growing on the vines! (But I really would have preferred "Carnucopia" to "Horn o Plenty")