Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Halloween Time 2017

Ok, I know its still August (the END of August, ok?), but let's get this Halloween party started. If Disneyland is ready, I'm ready. So here's everything you can expect, starting September 15 - so soon!

Decorations and Rides

New this year! California Adventure will be fully decorated and ready to celebrate the spooky season.   (Rumor has it, they'll be the new home of the Halloween Party next year...updates to come.) Just check out the plan for the DCA entrance!

Photo Credit: Disney
Carsland will also get the Halloween treatment, with both Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters adding spooky new music and decorations. Plus see Lightning and Mater's Halloween costumes! Check out a brand new Headless Horseman statue on Buena Vista Street. No word yet on if its an addition, or a temporary replacement for the Walt and Mickey Storytellers Statue. Also keep an eye out for bats flying around the tower at the Carthay Circle.

Over at Disneyland, you can expect the return of your favorites, including the giant Mickey jack-o-lantern and the Main Street Pumpkin Festiva. (Those adorable hand-carved pumpkins all along Main Street are so fun! Elvis above the music store is my fave.) Also returning are Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday - yay! Head on over to Frontierland for a Dia de los Muertos celebration, including a skeleton display, face painting, and special snacks. You can even add to the Halloween fun by booking the Disney's Happiest Haunts tour or have a Halloween goodie basket sent to your (Disneyland Resort) hotel room!

Photo Credit: Disney Floral and Gifts

Mickey's Halloween Party

Photo Credit: Disney
Ok, I've never been to Mickey's Halloween Party, but it sounds pretty fantastic! On select nights from September 20-Halloween, you can see the exclusive Frightfully Fun parade (led by the Headless Horseman!), the Halloween Screams fireworks show, have a meet and greet with your favorite Disney Villains, and go trick or treating around the park! I've heard the candy haul is pretty amazing. Don't forget to check out the Cadaver Dans as they perform (as zombies!) some spooky songs. New this year, with your ticket you'll get special Photo Pass photos with unlimited downloads, a Blue Bayou dining package option, and entrance to BOTH parks 3 hours before the party starts (if you don't have tickets for that day already).

Tickets are around $100 per person (over 3, no kids price), but that varies depending on if you're an Annual Passholder, if you're buying early, or if you're buying at the door. Which reminds me! These parties do sell out. Every Friday in October is already completely booked, so get your tickets in advance!

**Keep in mind if you're visiting Disneyland during this time but NOT going to a Halloween party, Disneyland Park will close early, so plan to be over at DCA during party time.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Top Ten Smells of Disneyland

We shared a picture recently of a man who had named his son "Pirates of the Caribbean Smell," (it was a joke, in case you didn't see it!) and it got us thinking....what are the best smells at Disneyland?? Here's our top ten, in no particular order. What would you add to the list?

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

Obvs. When you think of iconic smells, this is it! Its like musty/air conditioned/salty amazingness.

2. Original Soarin' Over California

Nothing beats that orangey-pine scent!

3. New Soarin'

Photo Credit: Theme Park Tourist

Smelling dirt under the elephants' feet, while kind of weird, is actually awesome! Plus the roses in India and ocean in Fiji

4. Haunted Mansion Holiday Gingerbread House Room

Haunted Mansion Holiday is probably my favorite ride of all time, so this had to be on the list. That gingerbread smell while looking at the amazing house they build each year just makes me want to dive into the room and eat it up!

5. Main Street Candy Shop on Candy Cane Day

Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

Candy. Cane. Day. Self explanatory.

6. Main Street Candy Shop Any Other Day of the Year

From fudge, to freshly made candies, to caramel apples, nothing smells better than walking into that shop. (I only got to work in the candy store once while I was a Cast Member. I was at the register that was directly in front of a case of caramel apples. The smell of the Apple Pie caramel apple was torturous for 6 hours! So amazingly good...)

7. Bengal BBQ

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog
I was listening to my Disneyland Soundtrack the other day and while listening to the music from Tarzan's Treehouse, I swear I could smell the Bengal BBQ! They just go hand in hand. I'm hungry just from typing about it.

8. Gibson Girl

Photo Credit: Disney
That overwhelming waffle cone smell is the perfect thing at the end of a long Disney day, when your feet hurt and all you want is to relax with a ginormous sundae. 

9. Tomorrowland

Rosemary, oranges, sage...there's a lot going on wherever you turn. 

10. Main Street Horses

Photo Credit: The Disney Blog
Even the smell of horse poop at Disneyland is better than any other smell anywhere else, because you're in Disneyland!