Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Disneyland Details: Street Signs

We've talked about special details you may or may not have noticed at Disneyland once or twice before, and we're at it again! Today's focus is on the street signs you'll find all over the resort. We're slightly obsessed with taking pics of these signs, and wanted to share our obsession with all of you. Aren't you lucky???

Let's start over at Disneyland Park

In case you're turned around, the signs are here to help!
We all might know about Royal Street in New Orleans Square (home of Club 33), but did you know that ALL of the streets and walkways in that land are named?
Don't forget the signs by Thunder Mountain letting you know about other landmarks nearby. Spiral Butte, anyone? Only a quarter mile away!

Heading over to California Adventure

So many ways to go when you're near Grizzly River Run. Which sounds best to you? 

And if you're turned around in the Redwood Challenge Trail (because who DOESN'T get turned around and separated from their group in there), you can text your friends and tell them you're heading to Eagle's Ascent.

This one makes me a little sad. Heimlich's Chew Chew Train is one of our kids' favorites, and we're losing Bug's Land soon. But who could resist the option between candy and brussels sprouts?

We saved the best for last. You know Radiator Springs is a small town when the cross street to the main road is literally called "Cross Street."

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