Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Coming to Disneyland in 2019

There's a new year coming, and with it come lots of new (and returning favorite) experiences to The Happiest Place on Earth. As always, we're here to walk you through everything you should be getting excited about. So let's navigate this new Disney year together!

Tropical Hideaway
This one has to be first on the list because it's technically having its soft opening today! Which, yes, means its not quite coming in 2019, but the last few days of 2018 still count, right? Plus there's no "official" opening date yet, so we're still on the right track. Anyway...

The Tropical Hideaway is a new place to relax, enjoy some shade and some amazing atmosphere while getting snacks and *FLAVORED* Dole Whips! That's right! There's classic pineapple, orange and pineapple swirl, and pineapple and raspberry swirl.

Photo Credit: MiceChat
Now that you've all recovered from this amazing Dole Whip menu....let's get back to the Tropical Hideaway theming. Still wondering what happened to Rosita after your visit to the Tiki Room? Well, we found her! She's here at the Tropical Hideaway, interacting with guests. You can also find the homes of all of the other Bird Mobile birds and lost items found by Jungle Cruise skippers over the years.

Photo Credit: Disney

Lunar New Year Celebration
Next up, from January 25 - February 17 is Lunar New Year over at the Paradise Gardens area of California Adventure. There'll be a mini Mulan parade, special holiday entertainment, crafts and activities for the kids, and (as always) special food and merchandise.

Photo Credit: Trekaroo

Get Your Ears On - A Mickey and Minnie Celebration
Also starting in January is a brand new celebration of Mickey and Minnie for their 90th birthday! Welcome back Soundsational parade on January 25, which is adding in some new floats and characters. We'll be getting a new projection show "enhanced with fireworks" which can be seen on Main Street, along the Rivers of America, and at It's a Small World. The show is called Mickey's Mix Magic (set to debut January 18) and if "Together Forever" was any indication, this will be an exciting, high energy show that'll completely immerse you in the story (this story being DJ Mickey giving you his favorite mix of Disney music). And, again, special food and merch will be available!

Valentine's Day
While we're thinking about Mickey and Minnie, let's think about Valentine's Day! From January 22 through February 18 you'll find new seasonal decorations, including a new floral portrait at the end of Main Street of Mickey and Minnie together, as well as Minnie's Valentine's Surprise. This is a scavenger hunt to find valentines that Minnie has left all of the park for Mickey. It's sounding very similar to the Easter Egg Hunt they usually do, where you can either just play on your own for fun (like we always do) or you can buy a map that can be turned in for a prize when you find everything.

Food and Wine Festival
Next up in 2019 will be the return of the Food and Wine festival. Expect to see the usual lineup of booths along the path from Buena Vista Street down to Pixar Pier with delicious food and a wide variety of drinks. We've gone the last three years, and it never disappoints!

Galaxy's Edge (Star Wars Land!)
And now for the absolute biggest change in 2019, Galaxy's Edge! Opening "summer" (we don't know anything more official than that yet, but at least its sooner than "fall" which is all the info we have on an opening date at Walt Disney World), this is going to be the very biggest area of Disneyland at a whopping 14 acres. There will be two rides (at least to start, but we're seriously hoping that this gigantic area will eventually be home to more than only two attractions). On Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, guests will be able to actually pilot the Falcon itself. Check out this aerial photo...The Falcon is built and looks amazing!

Photo Credit: Heliguy

The second ride is called Rise of the Resistance, and gives the guests a chance to navigate a Star Destroyer on a mission for the resistance. Not a ton of other details yet, but check out this picture...this isn't concept art. This is the real deal and its going to be amazing!

Are you ready for 2019 at the Disneyland Resort? We say BRING IT ON!!!

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