Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Plans for Disneyland to Reopen!

FINALLY!!! We're not big on rumors so we've stayed pretty quiet as people guessed, speculated, and assumed about when Disneyland would reopen, and in what capacity, since their closure for Covid-19 way back in March. But today we *finally* have the details on the reopening plan!

***Keep in mind, as of time of posting: This is all still pending government approval.***

This is a phased reopening

Downtown Disney would reopen first, on July 9. Disneyland Park and California Adventure would both reopen on July 17 - that's right... on Disneyland's 65th anniversary! Last to reopen would be the resort hotels.

Now, I noticed that both in this graphic above that Disney shared as well on the Disney Parks Blog, they've left off the Disneyland Hotel. Not sure if this is an oversight, if that hotel needs a little more love (aka cleaning) and wouldn't be ready in time, or if they're just not opening all of the hotels since they're not expecting as many guests. More details to come, I'm sure.

A reservation system will be in place!!

Part of the way that Disney will be able to ensure that they can follow social distancing guidelines will be to seriously lower the amount of guests allowed per day. Because of that, they'll be implementing a reservation system for ALL guests (Annual Passholders included). We don't have all the details yet, (we'll of course share as they become available) but it's looking like an online reservation system much like the one used for the Flex Passes. 

*Also right now they won't be selling new tickets or annual passes, most likely while so many people who had to cancel/postpone trips are still holding tickets.*

Some experiences will not be returning yet

Going along with the same plans as the reopening for Walt Disney World, there won't be any parades, fireworks, shows, or character meet and greets *yet.* But they are promising that characters will be in the parks "in new ways" so we're interested to see what exactly that means. But it's looking like it won't be in any sort of way that draws a crowd. At least not for a little while.

What's your plan???

Will you go to Disneyland the minute it reopens or will you wait? Personally, we're going to wait it out a bit until it feels a little more normal. But we're very excited to see and hear how it goes so we can share it with you all! 

Stay tuned...

As soon as Disney gets approval and gives us more details on reopening, you can expect to see that info from us here on the blog and on our Facebook page. So keep checking in!