Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Attraction Updates When Disneyland Reopens!


Photo Credit: Disney

Disneyland's reopening is two weeks away, and of course there will be some major changes. From masks to distancing, the world is different than it was when the parks closed down over a year ago, so some new rules are to be expected. 

But that's not what we're here for today! Today is all about the behind-the-scenes changes that have gone on during the past year, and what attraction changes you can expect when April 30th rolls around. 

Snow White's Enchanted Wish

Goodbye Snow White's Scary Adventure, hello Snow White's Enchanted Wish! When last we reported, finishing touches were still being made on the updated version of this original Disneyland attraction. But now it's all complete and ready for reopening! 

*Updates to look for*

  • A newly designed animatronic Snow White who can dance along with the dwarves in the opening scene. Instead of passively watching from the stairs, our heroine is in on the action, and we're so here for it!
  • There'll be updates to the whole look of the mine scene, complete with projections and a fantastic looking Dopey animatronic with diamonds in his eyes. 
  • We'll also have a new ending scene. Rather than the witch dies and the ride is over, we'll actually get to see Snow White reunited with the Dwarves and the Prince.

King Arthur's Carousel

While this one is just a standard refurbishment, the Carousel is really the central focus of Fantasyland when you first come through the castle and should always be in peak form. 

Photo Credit: Disney

*Updates to look for*

  • The canopy has been freshly painted with a new color scheme.  
  • They've added shields around the outside of the carousel, representing the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Every horse has been repainted, had its jewels touched up and reset,  and had gold leaf accents added to really enhance the look. 

Haunted Mansion

What I love about updates to the Haunted Mansion is that, unless they're incredibly large focal points like the Hatbox Ghost was, they are often tough to spot since the mansion is dark and very full to begin with. It can be almost like a treasure hunt! Which of these updates do you think will be obvious and which will enhance the overall experience whether you notice them or not?

Photo Credit: Disney

*Updates to look for*

  • The April/December portrait is back! Once one of the main paintings in the haunted hallway after the stretching room, this one has been missing for years but is has returned in an updated form and will be hanging in the space just before you board your Doom Buggy. 
  • The garden area just to the right of the mansion when you're waiting in the queue has new landscaping and new statues of dearly departed pets.
  • You may have seen other sites posting that the hanging man may be removed from the stretching room scene, but until it's confirmed, we're not reporting it as fact. If we hear something real, we'll let you know - we promise. 

Coming Shortly after Opening

Even with a year closed, not everything could be ready for opening day. Here's what changes are coming shortly after the parks' reopening.

  • Avengers Campus - Opening June 4!
  • Jungle Cruise Update - no date announced yet but changes are already underway!

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