Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Imagineering Challenge!


Now that we are days away from Disneyland reopening let’s have some fun! Who hasn’t walked around the park and said to themselves, family members, friends, cast members, or anyone who would listen, “What Disneyland really needs is an attraction of .........” or “I wish they would bring back .........”

Now’s your opportunity! Take an attraction from Yesteryear and re-imagine it or re-theme it. You are presenting and pitching your idea to Walt!!

Channel your inner Marc Davis, Ub Iwerks, Mary Blair, Marty Sklar, Tony Baxter, X Atencio, Joe Rohde, and Bob Gurr. (Or one of your favorite imagineers - Bob is mine.)

Don’t just say, “I wish this attraction came back.” Really dive into it and get creative. 

I’ll go first! (I saw the idea on another blog and liked it.)

Bring back Adventure Thru Inner Space in the Star Tours area and change it to when Ant-Man goes into the quantum realm. The queue could be changed and have Michael Douglas as Dr. Pym talking about the dangers of going that small. 

Let’s see who’s idea Walt would get excited to remake!

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