Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Truth Behind Disneyland's $100 Sandwich


By now you've all seen the posts with the sensational headlines about the $100 sandwich coming to Avengers Campus. And while it's really fun to get sucked in to the hype, we kind of can't take it anymore!!!! Today is the day we explain this sandwich and why it costs so dang much.

Disney has really gone all out on the theming at Pym's Test Kitchen over in California Adventure. Some things are oversized, some things are mini, there's a sandwich with a giant piece of chicken but a tiny bun. They're really going for it. 

And while we know Disney food is pricey, let's not lose our minds. Yes, it's true. The "Family sized Pym-ini" is a salami, ham, and provolone panini for $100. But it's right there in the title. It's family sized! The menu, according to Disney, specifies that the sandwich is meant to feed 6-8 people. It also comes with potato bites and arugula salads for 6-8 people. 

Check out that ginormo sandwich in the background of this pic!!!!!

If you're just one person and really want the Pym-ini, guess what! There's a normal sized one for $14.50! But the potato bites are sold separately. 

Consider it like a party sub. An equivalent sandwich from Subway would cost $60, isn't grilled like a panini, doesn't come with any sides, and you're not at Disneyland. 

I actually really want to try this sandwich and am hoping to convince 5-7 of my favorite people to get it with me. Who's in???

Monday, May 24, 2021

Latest News From Avengers Campus!

Avengers Campus is opening in a week and a half! Can you believe it? I love getting to explore and be surprised by a new area in Disneyland, but it's always good to be prepared. So we've got new details for you to peruse before opening so you're ready no matter when you go. 

If you take a look at the map above, you'll be able to tell how this land lays out, connecting Mission Breakout and taking the route that used to take you to the back entrance into A Bug's Land. Besides entering at Mission Breakout, it's looking like you can also enter from the exit area of Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters as well as the main path that goes around Grizzly Peak. I love a land with a lot of ways in and out - keep that flow of people moving!

There are two rides in the new land, but only one is actually new, so you can imagine the hoards of people that will be waiting each day! That's why, exactly like Rise of the Resistance, Disney will be using their "Virtual Queue" system for the new Spider Man Web Slingers attraction. If you're unfamiliar with the virtual queue, here's what you need to know:

  • Virtual Queue is only available through the Disneyland App.
  • Times to enter the virtual queue are 7am and 12pm (The two times is to acommodate the current park hopping system. We're guessing that will be different when the parks are able to more fully open, but we can't guess too much since there's absolutely no info on that right now. Stay tuned.)
    • If you're starting your day at DCA, go to the virtual queue on the app right at 7am to get a boarding group. If you don't get one, you can try again at noon.
    • If you're starting your day at Disneyland and park hopping in the afternoon, you just need to make sure you've entered the park before noon to be able to join the afternoon boarding groups, and then you can switch to California Adventure at 1:00.
  • There is no Stand-By line - the virtual queue is the only queue.
  • You may only join the virtual queue once per day.
  • You'll get a notification on your phone when it's time for your boarding group. 
  • You CAN NOT hold a spot on a boarding group for Web Slingers and Rise of the Resistance at the same time!

Speaking of Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, this ride is open to guests of ANY age and height! Woohoo for a new ride for the whole family!!! 

Head to the Ancient Sanctum to meet Doctor Strange. We hear this area is pretty incredible to see after dark, so keep that in mind. 

To meet the rest of the Avengers, they're waiting for you at the Avengers Headquarters!

If you're looking for a great guide to food at Avengers Campus, we have the whole rundown for you right here.

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Best Food Coming to Avenger's Campus


Avenger's Campus is set to open on June 4th... so soon! We know the new land will incorporate Guardian's of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout as well as adding the new WEB Slingers Spider-Man ride. We also know that there'll be some very immersive spaces for character meet and greets. But we're not talking about those today. Today is about the food!!!

Let's look at the menu for Pym's Test Kitchen first. I'm going to be super honest with you...It all sounds super delicious, but these names!!!! I'm not exactly excited to try to order these. I bet they taste amazing, though. Starting with breakfast, here's what you can expect to find! 

  • Calculated Breakfast = Ex2+(B+P)/T
    • Eggs two ways with smoked bacon, crispy potato bites, and focaccia toast
  • Impossible Quantum Garden Breakfast
    • Plant-based folded omelet with Impossible breakfast sausage, crispy potato bites, and focaccia toast
  • Ever-Expanding Cinna-Pym Toast
    • Baked Pym particle bread and egg custard with cinnamon-sugar topping, a fried egg, smoked bacon, and maple syrup. 
  • Spoonful of Cereal
    • Bran flakes and raisins garnished with a yogurt covered pretzel and served with reduced fat milk and a banana
  • Nano Eggs-periment 101
    • Softly arranged eggs and turkey bacon with toast
    • For ages 3-9
  • Cinna-Pym Mini Toast
    • Warm toasted cinnamon Pym particle bread with turkey bacon and maple syrup
    • For ages 3-9
Up next we've got the Lunch and Dinner menu - Blue Particle Specials for adults and Red Particle Mini Meals for kids 3-9

  • Pym-ini
    • Salami, rosemary ham, Provolone, sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia with marinara dipping sauce and arugula salad
  • Not So Little Chicken Sandwich
    • Fried chicken breast, teriyaki and red chili sauces, pickled cabbage slaw on brioche with crispy potato bites
  • PB³ Superb Sandwich
    • Warm PB&J with banana, candied bacon on Pym Particle bread, with micro banana smoothie and crispy potato bites
  • Caesar Salad + Colossal Crouton
    • Hearts of romaine, Kalamata olives, pickled onions, Caesar dressing, garlic crouton and Parmesan crisps
  • Impossible Spoonful
    • Rigatoni and ditalini pastas, plant based meatballs, tomato sauce, dairy-free Parmesan, and micro basil
  • Choco Smash Candy Bar
    • Dark Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, nougat, and chocolate brownie
  • Teeny Pym-ini
    • Toasted ham and provolone sandwich with marinara dipping sauce
    • For ages 3-9
  • Subatomic Chicken Sandwich
    • Crispy breaded chicken breast on a soft roll
    • For ages 3-9
  • PB&J Flavor Lab - Assemble your own experiment
    • Smooth peanut butter, strawberry jelly, and Pym particle bread
    • For ages 3-9
  • Mini Pasta & Impossible Meatballs
    • Rigatoni and ditalini pastas, plant based meatballs, tomato sauce and dairy free Parmesan served with coconut milk yogurt and small Dasani water
    • For ages 3-9
Don't forget snacks and drinks (aka, lots of pretzels)! 

  • Quantum Pretzel
    • 453.8 grams, Bavarian style pretzel with sharp cheddar beer sauce
  • Atomic Fusion Pretzel
    • Buffalo style pretzel loaded with chicken, hot sauce, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles, celery, and dill pickled carrots
  • Pingo Doce
    • Refreshing lemon-lime with a vanilla kick!
  • Proton PB&J Punch 
    • Minute Maid lemonade with peanut butter and strawberry flavors, PB infused whipped cream, and PB pretzel spheres

Moving on to the Pym Tasting Lab, next door to the Test Kitchen with slightly easier to say names! This is the place to head if you're looking for some alcohol and a small snack. Let's see what's on the menu...

  • Honey Buzz
    • Gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup with a honey straw
  • X-Periment
    • Tequila, Minute Maid lime juice, mango and habanero syrups with mango popping pearls
  • Honey Fusion
    • Gin, Minute Maid lemonade, honey syrup, IPA, and a honey straw
  • Molecular Meltdown
    • Marshmallow milk stout and vanilla ice cream topped with miniature marshmallows
  • The Regulator
    • Tequila, Minute Maid lime juice, mango and habanero syrup, wheat ale and mango popping pearls
  • Particle Fizz
    • Hard seltzer with cherry pearls
  • Draft beer, hard seltzer, and wine
  • Snack Molecules
    • Mini pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, and sweet & spicy popped sorghum

Here's what I'm most excited for....the Shawarma Palace!!!! They only have two items on the menu, but I foresee lots of visits to this stand in my future. (Although why they have to call out the fact that the falafel is plant based is beyond me...falafel is always plant based!)

  • New York's Tastiest
    • Chicken shawarma wrap, garlic spread, and coconut yogurt-tahini sauce with pickled vegetables
  • Impossible Victory Falafel
    • Plant based falafel and cauliflower wrap, garlic spread, hummus, and coconut yogurt tahini sauce with pickled vegetables

One more small food stand will be waiting for you near Mission Breakout...Terran Treats. What looks good?

  • Cosmic Cream Orb 
    • Crispy cream puff with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse
  • Sweet Spiral Ration 
    • Churro spirals with unique flavors

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Another Amazing Disneyland Auction!


Hello collectors and memorabilia fans! This one's for you! Once again, Van Eaton Galleries is having an auction full of Disneyland goodies. From actual used in park items, to artwork, to Cast Member costumes, there's so much to look at! Whether or not you're actually interested in buying (this stuff can get PRICEY), I recommend going through and checking out the catalog for yourself because there's some amazing park history. The actual auction takes place on May 22 and 23. 

I know you're all busy people, so I've taken the liberty of going through and picking out my favorites for you to look through. Also, Van Eaton has a store where you can buy some smaller souvenirs directly (without waiting for the auction or bidding) and there are some fun options there too.

Look through and let us know what looks best to you!

Up for Auction!

Is your name Bob? Have I got something for you! Check out this set of Cast Member name tags, mostly engraved for Bob. Value is estimated at $400-$600.

One man's trash is another man's treasure...literally. This is an ORIGINAL Fantasyland trashcan used up until the Fantasyland remodel in 1983. I could see using this at home!!! Value is estimated at $6,000-$10,000.

For the gamers. Who wouldn't want to own a Fix It Felix Jr arcade game?? This was specially created for Disneyland to be used in the Starcade after Wreck It Ralph was released. Value is estimated at $7,000-$10,000.

Love Disneyland Costumes? This is a Disneyland costuming department board game. I don't even know where to begin with this one. I didn't even know games specifically for Cast Members was a thing. Imagine landing on a space that says "Garment lost in Disney Warehouse, lose 2 turns." I may have to bid on this one! Value is estimated at $100-$200. 

Ever want to be Disneyland security? Wear this security badge, hat, tie bar, and money clip! Value is estimated from $100-$500, depending on which piece you're looking at. 

Lots of parking lot signs! I grabbed a picture of Donald because he's one of my faves, but there's also Eeyore, Bambi, and Flower. Can you imagine putting this in your garage or driveway to mark where your parking space is??? That's what I'd do! Value is estimated at $3,000-$5,000.

Remember hand stamps??? All you need is your own black light stamp pad and you can pretend you're leaving the park 20 years ago! One is Merlin and one is Copper. What a cool piece of Disneyland history! Value is estimated at $400-$600.

Arrive at the Disneyland Hotel (whenever it reopens!) in style. This bag is vintage from the 1960s and calls the Disneyland Hotel the "Pleasure Headquarters in Southern California." Value is estimated at $200-$400.

Look at this amazing blanket for your Queen size bed! I remember when this was used at the Disneyland Hotel in the early 2000s and I always loved it! It combines a floral pattern with attraction images. Value is estimated at $200-$400.

All aboard! Perfect for the train lover, this is a hat from the Railroad conductor costume in the 1990s. It even has the rare silver badge across the front. Value is estimated at $400-$600.

Serve your dinner on a Plaza Inn tray! This is dated as the late 80s and has the logo for Columbian Coffee, which sponsored the restaurant at the time. Value is estimated at $100-$200.

Want to pretend you're visiting Club 33? Drink your coffee in these Club 33 espresso cups! Value is estimated at $200-$400.

Win Halloween as a Haunted Mansion Ghost Host! You could even be Maynard, the best Ghost Host ever. Value is estimated at $500-$700. 

Have you ever looked at a wall in your home and thought, "Gee, this space could sure use a Disney mosaic."
This one is for you! This Sleeping Beauty tile mosaic was displayed on the castle up until the 1983 Fantasyland refurb and is still in pretty good condition! Value is estimated at a whopping $30,000-$50,000.

Its the top of an Autopia ride vehicle! I'm not sure what happened to the insides or the bottom, but the top is here! Value is estimated at $6,000-$8,000.

Were you one of the, like, 10 people who rode on Superstar Limo or one of the, like, 5 who enjoyed it? They've got a set of two hood ornaments from the ride that lasted less than a year. Value is estimated at $200-$400.

For the Cars fans! There's one of the license plates that's on display in the queue for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. Value is estimated at $300-$500. 

Buy it Now!

If you were interested in the items you can buy without bidding in the auction, here are some personal favorites. 

A plate used in Disneyland restaurants in the 70s and 80s. Buy it now for $100.

Vintage Salt and Pepper shaker souvenirs.
Buy it now for $150.

"New Fantasyland" pennant from the 1983 Fantasyland refurbishment. Buy it now for $200. 

Fantasyland Ride Vehicle set from the now discontinued Walt Disney Classics Collection. My favorite thing is characters riding their own rides, so this is a clear winner! Buy it now for $1500.

My very favorite...a vintage 1960s ashtray holder featuring Tinkerbell and the castle. Why is this my favorite, you may ask? I bought one at a garage sale years ago for next to nothing! Buy it now for $250.