Saturday, December 4, 2021

Mobile Checkout Expanded at Disneyland!


Have you ever gone into the Emporium on Main Street, taken one look at the lines, and walked straight out? It can't be just me. Well, don't worry too much about lines any more - mobile checkout is here! It's been tested off and on at different locations since last year, but it's being expanded and is now/will soon be available at the following Disneyland Resort locations:

Disneyland Park:

  • Disneyland Clothiers
  • Plaza Point
  • China Closet
  • Emporium
  • Pioneer Mercantile and Bonanza Outfitters
  • Star Trader
California Adventure:
  • Elias & Co
  • WEB Suppliers
  • Knick's Knacks
Downtown Disney:
  • World of Disney

Want to know how it works? It sounds pretty simple. Just log in to the Disneyland app where you can scan all of your merch. You'll be given a QR code that you show a Cast Member at a designated exit and you're all set.

Wondering about discounts?? If you're a Magic Key holder or a Disney Vacation Club member, you can apply your discount right there from your phone as long as your membership is linked to your Disneyland app account. If you're a Disney Visa Card holder, you should still go to a regular register in the stores to receive your discount. 

Who's going to go do some shopping and test it out for us???

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