Saturday, September 9, 2023

New Announcements for Disneyland from Destination D23!


Just this morning, Disney Parks Chair Josh D'Amaro made a LOT of announcements about changes and new experiences coming to parks around the world. To be very honest, there's not much that's Disneyland in California specific (which is what we do here), but we'd never miss an opportunity to share updates with you all, so here we go....

A smidge more information on the long awaited Multiverse ride at Avengers Campus

You might remember way back when that there was going to be another ride in Avengers Campus. All we ever knew is that would be a Quinjet themed ride with a "phase two" opening, and the land would start out with WEB Slingers and Mission Breakout. This announcement came way back in 2019!

Here's what we know today...
It's looking like rather than boarding the Quinjet, we'll be boarding a "world jumping vehicle" (seen in the concept art above) that combines "elements of Tony Stark's time suits with Xandarian jump points and Wakandan technology." So there you go! The ride will still be happening, for those of you who had given up hope. And I'm guessing the Avengers Store moving from Stage 12 in Hollywoodland into the future ride building in Avengers Campus is a good sign that we'll be exiting the ride into a shop, one of personal favorite things. 

Next up is a little Star Tours update. Starting in Spring of 2024, they'll be adding new scenes to Star Tours to include Ahsoka, so be sure to watch her new show on Disney+ so you know what's happening!

Lastly is a new character Meet and Greet. Asha, the main character from the new movie "Wish," coming out in November, will be out and about in Disneyland. They didn't give an official date, but it should coincide with the movie's release. 

That's really it! Thoughts? I'm still waiting for the day they announce a complete overhaul for Tomorrowland...but maybe that's just me! For full details and info about other parks, check out the official info here.