Friday, April 24, 2015

Keep the Disneyland Blues Away!

I'm "between Disneyland trips" at the moment and feeling a little down! When, oh when, will I get to take my next trip?? If you're feeling like me, here are some tips to keep you sane until you and Mickey meet again.

1. Eat a Disney Snack

Start your day with Mickey pancakes, try your hand at homemade churros (surprisingly not that hard!), or eat popcorn out of an old souvenir bucket. Think of your favorite Disneyland snacks and make it happen! 

2. Music

Whose day doesn't get a little better when you add music to it? My favorite is the "It's a Small World" station on Pandora. It's a great mix of songs from movies and rides. 

3. Show your Disney Side

If you haven't done it yet, get the Disney Side app! All you have to do is take a selfie and it will turn you into all kinds of fun Disney characters. Check out me as Maleficent:

4. DisneyBound

Dress as your favorite character! A black shirt, red pants, and yellow shoes make an instant Mickey. A blue top, yellow skirt and red bow for Snow White. Try a blue and white striped shirt, blue shorts, and a red hat for Mr. Smee! 

5. Paint Those Nails

Nail art is a cheap and easy way to bring a little Disney into your day. All we have is a little polka dotting tool and we've been able to create some pretty cool looks. Sound off in the comments below if you'd like a nail art tutorial in the future!

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