Thursday, May 14, 2015

Best Disney Park Guests

Last time we talked about Worst Disney Park Guests, so today is all about those awesome guests you love to see and who make your vacation special! (I've got to was easier and a little bit more fun to talk about the people that make me crazy!)


This awesome Disney guest isn't going to use their fastpasses, so they find another group to give them to so they're not wasted. They're leaving early and don't want to take their balloon home so they give it away to a kid nearby. They love to make someone's day!

The Good Kind of Eavesdroppers  

You can't help but overhear conversations when you're in a long line. Everyone is squished together! Three cheers to the person who hears that you want to go to a ride that's closed, hears you questioning parade times, hears you talking about trying to get a ride on the Lilly Belle train car and pipes up with the answers to your problems! Finding out "Peter Pan is still closed for another month" can help you avoid a lot of disappointment when you show up in Fantasyland with little ones expecting a ride on a flying pirate ship!

Mr. "I'm waiting for my group"

Different from his evil twin who is always trying to catch up to people who may or may not exist, this guy sees that the rest of his friends are way behind him in line, so he steps to the side and lets other people pass by until his group has caught up. Thanks for not letting your family of 10 rush past the rest of us!

The Amateur Photographer 

We all love a good selfie and would never get in the way of that! I'm talking about when one family member is being left out of the perfect group shot in front of the castle so he can take the picture, and some unknown hero swoops in to take the shot so one day you can look analysts at your pics and say "Hey, I was there too!"


  1. How about the one who is sitting front row for a parade and lets someone else's kids in front of them so they can see better?