Friday, June 19, 2015

Disney Jamberry Nails!

I always see people with the cutest Disney Nail art and I love it!! I've tried it myself a few times and it's turned out okay, but nail polish chips so quickly that it may only last one day in the parks! So this time I tried something new: Disney Jamberry nails!

If you don't know what Jamberry is, it's an adhesive nail wrap that you heat and apply to your nails. It doesn't chip and can last up to two weeks!  

I saw this Mickey and Minnie set at an online Jamberry party and couldn't resist for my trip!

Super cute, right? So here's how it went for me...

To put on the nails, you pick the right size, heat it up (I use the blow dryer for 5 seconds), put it on your nail, smooth it out, then heat again and press down. It's really simple and I've done it before so I was pretty confident. But there were two things this time that I wasn't ready for. 

First, I was trying so hard to make a Mickey/Minnie alternating pattern that I didn't get the fit quite right. Some were too big, which messes with the seal on the nails. I tried my best to trim them back with cuticle scissors and it went pretty well, but next time I'll totally be trying this trick with tape:

Pics courtesy of Kim Bosket

The second problem I had was that my kids were so excited about the trip that they were literally climbing all over me when I was trying to apply the wraps! I'll be doing it when they're asleep next time. So I had a few spots that weren't flush to my nails just because I was distracted. 

I was worried because I didn't do a great job with application and I still had a couple non-Disney days of vacation before getting to Disneyland. But here's the awesome thing...the wraps stayed on, in place, and looking great the whole trip!!! They lasted basically a full week and I couldn't have asked for more. No chipping like with polish, no peeling, just awesome Mickey and Minnie nails!!!! 

I totally recommend getting a set for yourself. Check in with Dole Whip a Day friend Kim Bosket if you want to try them out for yourself! 


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