Thursday, June 4, 2015

Must Pack for Disneyland

I'm going to admit it...I overpack for everything! I really do. I bring twice as many shirts as I need, I bring a lot of things that I think I'll want but I never do. I'm learning to keep it a little more simple. That being said, these are the things that I CAN'T go to Disneyland without. Hope it helps you when you get ready for your next trip!


I LOVE Disney snacks. But sometimes you're in line, walking between the parks, or waiting for a show and you just need to have a quick bite. I love to pack granola bars, crackers, and bananas just to hold me over until my next Dole Whip. Don't let yourself get hangry at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Disney Clothes

My trip doesn't feel right unless I'm in my Disney shirts! Don't be that guy who wears a Minion shirt to Disneyland!!! Pack up your Disney wardrobe or design a Disney Bound outfit from the plain clothes you have (check out some great ideas here).


Southern California is HOT. Even if you go in the winter, its still not exactly cold and with all the walking you'll be doing you'll need to drink extra. My preferred method is a Camelbak backpack (doubles as a diaper bag for me), but any refillable water bottle will work and is a total necessity.

Autograph Book

This is a must for anyone who loves meeting characters, not just little kids. If you want a little extra interaction with Mickey after you take your picture, handing him your autograph book while you chat him up is a great way to do it without looking like you're trying to hog all of his time. Plus, its really fun to see all of the unique signatures that the characters have. They each match the character's personality perfectly!

Check out these autograph books I just made for my kids for our next trip:

Portable Charger

This is actually a new one for me and I'm really excited about it. Grab a portable charger that you can carry in your bag to give your phone/camera a battery boost halfway through the day! I don't know about everyone, but taking pictures really drains my iPhone's battery. This is going to really come in handy on days that we don't go back to the hotel in the afternoon or when I don't want to leave my phone at the charging station for an hour.

What about you? What are your "must pack" items?

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