Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Disneyland "Don't"s

We LOVE to tell you fun things to do on your Disneyland vacation. Today, instead, we're going to tell you what NOT to do (based on what we've heard from people who didn't love their trips).

5. Don't go without knowing what rides/ shows will be closed.

I hear this all the time. People plan a trip and get to Disneyland only to find out that their favorite ride is closed for major refurbishment. You can check the schedule 6 weeks in advance. That might be too late to change your vacation dates  if you see your fave is closed, but it's plenty of time to prepare yourself so you're not so upset once you get there!

4. Don't live on hot dogs and hamburgers.

There is some amazing food to be had and it's in lots of price ranges. Try a new place at each meal and you'll be sure to eat some wonderful things! Try the amazing tostada salad at Rancho deal Zocalo, the spicy Korean sauce on your rice bowl at the Lucky Fortune Cookery, or the fried chicken at the Plaza Inn. You won't be disappointed!

3. While we're talking about food... Don't be that guy who thinks he's going to save time and money by eating at Denny's across the street.

Just don't. Denny's are notoriously slow and, while they're fairly cheap, odds are that once you include a tip it isn't cheaper than a quick service restaurant in the parks. 

2. Don't spend your precious souvenir money on things that can be bought anywhere.
Disney stickers, pens, and even shirts can be found for very cheap and a wide variety of stores near your home. I suggest buying those kinds of things before your trip to have with you (Try the Mickey birthday section at a party store!). That way you can spend your souvenir budget on things that are exclusive to Disneyland! 

1.  Don't waste your day searching for a ride with no line.

Disneyland has lines. From entering to exiting, all day long, you'll wait in lines for all kinds of things. While I'm the first to turn around when I see a line longer than 90 minutes that I don't have a fastpass for, I don't mind waiting for the rides I love. If you turn away from every line longer than 20 minutes, you'll quickly find that you've spent your whole day wandering around and didn't get on any rides.
Pro Tip: Use an app like MouseWait to see how long lines
are! You can either check on lines while you are already waiting in another line so you can plan where to go next, or look in the days leading up to your trip to prepare for what kinds of wait times to expect. 

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