Friday, August 7, 2015

Hate crowds? Tips for Keeping Sane!

Are you someone loves that Disneyland but hates crowds? It's true it's very crowded, but you can still have an awesome Disney vacation. Here are our tips for keeping your sanity and avoiding the crowds!

1. Plan Your Vacation Dates Wisely

Summer is 100%, without a doubt, going to be crowded. So are holidays/breaks from school. If you can, go in the off season. September, early November, and January are usually very quiet. 

But if your timing isn't flexible, there are still some more things you can do to stay away from the crazy crowds during peak seasons. 

2. See the "Late Show"

Most times of year, there are two showings of Fantasmic, World of Color, and Paint the Night parade. Seeing the late show will almost always guarantee a smaller crowd, since a lot of park guests will have left by then. 

3. Avoid Show Areas
  • Don't try to go on Pirates during Fantasmic.
  • Don't try to leave the park down Main Street during the parade/fireworks. 
  • Don't go into Hollywoodland during Mad T Party (unless, of course, you're there to boogie!)

4. Spend Your Mornings in Less Popular Areas

Most people run straight to the thrill rides first thing in the morning. That means the rest of the park is pretty quiet. Avoid the crowds heading to Radiator Springs Racers (and its fastpass distribution line) just as DCA opens and go to Soarin instead! Things like Finding Nemo Submarines and the Jungle Cruise are guaranteed to be empty first thing in the morning. 

Pro Tip: Most people wait to go on Splash Mountain until it gets hot. There's never a long line or big crowd in the morning. Same with Grizzly River Eun in California Adventure.

5. Take a Break in a Quiet Area

Need to get away from people a little bit? My favorite quiet spots are the Animation building in California Adventure (air conditioning, great music and artwork projections in the lobby, and rarely crowded), the Grand Californian (beautiful lobby and grounds to walk around), and the Disney Gallery store at the very front right of Main Street. 

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