Friday, July 8, 2016

Doing Disneyland Solo

We usually think of Disneyland as a place for family vacations, adult only getaways, or even bachelorette parties in my case! But who out there has done a Disney day by yourself? It can be so fun and relaxing! 

Here are our tips for having an amazing day on your own at Disneyland:

1. Single Rider Line

This was made for solo days! Wait times are so much shorter, and it can be a fun way to meet other people who are in the park alone. 

2. Eat Your Faves that No One Else Likes

I love to eat the pasta at the Pizza Port, but my husband doesn't really like anything there, so we rarely go. If I had a day to myself, that pasta would be mine! 

3. Or Try A New Meal

I was very nervous to try the Bantha Blue Milk French Toast, especially when I was buying them for all the kids!

Is there anything you haven't tried because you don't want to shell out a meal for 4 people at a new place when you don't know if you'll even enjoy it? It's much more cost effective when it's just for you! 

4. Take Lots of Pics

Take your time, slow down, and capture your favorite spots in the park without worrying about getting separated from your group. 
Tip: Share those pics with us on our Facebook page! We'd love to see them. 

5. Pin Trade

This is another good one if you want to chat with new people. Meet other Disney fans and maybe get some awesome new pins all at once!
Pro Tip: If you're new to pin trading, you can get starter sets on lanyards at any of the pin stores in the park. You can also get a large lot of pins on eBay for cheap, but watch out for fakes!

6. Snag a Spot for the Parade or Fireworks Close to Start Time

You and your six best friends might not be able to squeeze into the last tiny spot available on Main Street 15 minutes before Paint the Night starts, but when it's just you, your odds of squeezing in are much better!

7. Shop!

I don't get into the stores much because it can be tricky with my "littles," but if I were on my own I'd be sure to check out all the awesome merchandise, and even try on some of the cute tops I'm always ogling from the windows on Main Street. 


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