Thursday, June 28, 2018

Play Disney Parks App is Here!

Worried about long lines in the summer crowds? The Play Disney Parks app is here to help keep you and your family and friends entertained during your Disney down time! Let's check it out!

Log in with your Disney account (or create one if you're new to Disney apps/website) and choose your park (Disneyland or Walt Disney World, not international for now). Scroll around the super cute maps and you'll see little icons (star, question mark, music note, etc) that'll let you know what to expect at that spot. 

Star means you can "check in" when you're in front of the attraction to earn achievements.
Question Mark is a trivia game, that you can even play from home - hooray!
Music Note will play clips of music either from that land or from movies that go along with the land you're in/looking at.
Special Icons (like the dart on a bullseye at Toy Story Midway Mania on the map above) are for games you can unlock and play while at the attraction!

Check in at Star Tours to earn achievements!
Play trivia games in the park or at home.
 It's fun and still challenging for even die hard fans! 
Play music clips from the parks and from your favorite Disney movies!

Games are available at many rides, from 2-5 players. 
Your whole family can join in or you can invite other guests in line if you want to increase your number of players!

We know battery life on your phone is a big concern for a lot of people, and staying on your phone in line will probably be a real battery sucker. But we have some tips to keep your phone going all day!

  • Try Airplane Mode During Rides - There are a lot of spots where you'll lose service once you go inside - think Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Small World, Indiana Jones, etc. Put your phone on airplane mode before heading into a long ride or show and your phone won't be spending the whole time searching for service and wasting your battery. 
  • Turn Down Your Screen Brightness - It takes a lot of battery to keep that screen bright!
  • Put your Tickets in your Photos App or Lock Screen - If you've loaded your tickets into the Disneyland App (either for scheduling fastpasses with MaxPass or for checking in to the fastpass line), opening that Disneyland App all day long will affect battery life. If you keep a screenshot of your ticket as the lock screen on your phone, or as a photo on your camera roll (more useful if you're in charge of more than one ticket), its much easier on your battery to pull that up.   
  • Use a Separate Camera If You Have One - We know the best part of a phone sometimes is having a pretty decent camera on you at all times. But, if you have another camera that you like taking pics on, it'll save you on phone battery if you're not constantly opening it to take pictures.
  • Utilize Fuel Rod Stations - Did you know you can buy and exchange Fuel Rod portable chargers at stations located across the parks? Your initial purchase is $30, but you can charge up your phone and then trade for a new, fully charged, Fuel Rod as many times as you want. You can even bring it back on future Disney trips for free exchanges. 
  • Or Bring Your Own Portable Charger - If you don't feel the need to trade in your charger multiple times per day, you can bring your own charger that's cheaper than the Fuel Rod. Personally, I have an off brand one that works fine! I charge once in the evening and then just plug in the charger when I'm back at my hotel so its ready for the next day. 
Here's the Dinoco themed Fuel Rod station at the store next to Radiator Springs Racers

Who's ready to try Play Disney Parks and let us know how it goes?