Monday, July 2, 2018

Pixar Pier After Dark

By now we've probably all seen amazing pics of the adorable (although still incomplete) Pixar Pier, especially if you're like us and follow tons of Disney accounts on Instagram and Disney groups on Facebook. The Incredicoaster, while still the same ride as the old Screamin', is fresh and exciting again. The Pixar Pal Around is just as terrifying as when it was Mickey's Fun Wheel (or Mickey's Wheel of Death, as we lovingly called it). We've all loved the pics of the "Adorable" Snowman's frozen treats being held up against the iconic background of the pier. But what we weren't yet prepared for is how breathtaking it is at night! Thanks so much to Dole Whip a Day friend Jenny for sharing her beautiful pictures from her trip this week.

Lights everywhere!

OMG, this view from the Pixar Pal Around

I'm glad they kept Mickey's iconic face, but it doesn't fit with the Pixar Theme. What do you all think?

Disney is just the best at night!

Check out the lights on the Lamplight Lounge! We can't wait to eat there

Ok, its not Pixar Pier, but how cute is the new Incredibles float in Paint the Night?

Gorgeous, right? What's your favorite part? When are you all going to be able to visit Pixar Pier?

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