Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Where in Disneyland: Lights!

Welcome to the second edition of our "Where in Disneyland?" game!

As Disney lovers, we always pay attention to our amazingly detailed surroundings when we're in Disneyland. But, how many of us take the time to look up at the fixtures lighting our way? Let's put it to the test!

We play on the honor system, so scroll through and see how many you know before checking out our answers below. No cheating! Then hit us up in the comments and let us know how you did. (And if you missed out on our first edition, check it out here.)

Ready?? Let's play!
















Ready for the answers?? Just scroll down...

1. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (Started you off easy with a planet shaped light!)
2. Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta/Paradise Garden Grill outdoor eating area
3. Radiator Springs Racers queue
4. Alice in Wonderland
5. Flo's (Anyone else want to just eat there all day every day and watch the cars on Racers zoom by?)
6. Tiki Room exit
7. Little Mermaid exit (can you spot the hidden Mickey in this one??)
8. Carnation Cafe (I LOVE these! They're so old school, they look like Walt or Lilian Disney might have picked them out themselves.)
9. Fillmore's (A little obvious with the peace sign, right?)
10. Near the Royal Veranda Cafe (Address is 50 Royal Street, I'm guessing! I love how everything on Royal Street has an address.)
11. Elias & Co. shop on Buena Vista Street (Ok, that was a hard one!)
12. The Gibson Girl (The best ice cream in all of Disneyland. Convince me I'm wrong.)
13. Jungle Cruise queue
14. Above the old entrance to Club 33
15. In the tunnel at the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean

Thanks for playing! How'd you do???

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