Thursday, June 27, 2019

Disneyland Fast Facts #7

We're back with our 7th edition of Disneyland Fast Facts! Are you ready?? Let's do this!

**If you missed our first six sets of Fast Facts, you can still check them out here! Version one, two, three, four, five, and six.

  • Walt personally designed Tom Sawyer's Island, not the Imagineers

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

Imagineer Marvin Davis was having difficulty coming up with a design that worked well and that Walt liked. So Walt ended up taking Marvin Davis' notebook of ideas home with him and sketched the design for the island himself. This is the ONLY part of Disneyland that Walt designed on his own.

  • Miss those amazing Disneyland churros when you're not home? Buy them at Smart and Final!

The brand is called Tio Pepe's and they're available for $10.99 for a 25 pack or $50.00 for 100 churros.

  • At the Lost and Found display on Main Street, there's a wooden leg with the name Smith printed on it. 

Photo Credit: Disney Know

A wooden leg named Smith! What's the name of his other leg???

  • The bride in the Haunted Mansion wears a new strand of pearls for each new husband.

You can spot them all in her different wedding portraits.

Photo Credit: Discovering the Magic Kingdom

  • The weird road direction sign on the Autopia pretty much matches the route of the ride itself!

Its not perfect, but we'd say its pretty darn close.

  • The numbers on Docking Bay 7 in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge commemorate the year each original Star Wars movie was released (1977, 1980, and 1983).

Photo Credit: Plus News
Photo Credit: WDW News Today

  • Every room on It's A Small World has a sun and a moon.

Photo Credit Aloha75
Because there is just one moon and one golden sun

  • Trees in the mountain backdrop of Toontown spell WDI for Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Tarzan's Treehouse plays the original Swisskapolka music

Back when it was the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse, this music could be heard all throughout the attraction. Now the gramophone at the camp area at the end of bottom of the treehouse plays the iconic song.

  • All of the horses on King Arthur's Carousel have names, and you can get a list of them all at City Hall.

There are more names than just Jingles!

There are more names listed on the roster than there are horses on the carousel because there are some that might be currently out of rotation or are "waiting" to be put in when another horse needs a repair.

Be forewarned if you're planning on asking about this at City Hall...the list doesn't actually tell you which horse goes with which name! 

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