Friday, March 27, 2020

What To Do While Disneyland Is Closed

Let's start with the most important part: we hope you're all safe, feeling well, and social distancing as much as is possible! We love you!

Times are weird right now. Most of us aren't going to work, kids are home from school, and everything is closed. With today's announcement that Disneyland and Walt Disney World are extending their closures "indefinitely," we're figuring we can't be the only ones who are wondering how to keep the Disney Blues away. We're here to help!! Here's our best tips for keeping the magic alive, whether you're just bored to tears at home or you're (like us) pretty sad to be cancelling your Spring Break Disney trip.

1. Watch ride throughs! It's a super quick and easy YouTube search to find full ride throughs of your favorite Disneyland attractions. And be sure to check our Facebook page, because we've been posting our fave ride videos daily!

2. Wear your Disney gear! Come on, you know you're just itching to wear your ears around the house. Bonus points if you wear them in a Zoom meeting!

3. Make Disney Snacks! I *may* have bought the last box of Mickey ice cream bars at the grocery store when I was buying quarantine supplies, and I'll for sure be eating those when it was supposed to be our vacation. But there are also a lot of Disney snacks you can make at home, and we've already made a lot of them! Check out our favorite attempts at Disney snacks by clicking the links below:


4. Play a Disney music trivia game! There may be more versions available, but our favorite is Alexa's  Disney Hits Challenge. Just ask her to play!

5. Make up your own Disneyland game! Our favorite to play with the kids is to go through the alphabet and take turns naming something from Disneyland for each letter (A for Alice in Wonderland, B for Bengal get it).

6. Give yourself a Disney themed manicure! It can be as complicated or simple as you like. Just have some fun!

7. Read old Dole Whip A Day blogs! We're VERY close to our 5th anniversary (blogiversary??) so there's a LOT to choose from. Scroll through all the old faves here!