Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Best Hidden Detail in Avengers Campus


Photo Credit: Disney

We all know Disney does details better than anyone! From themed weather vanes above each building in Fantasyland, to Peter Pan and Wendy's initials carved into a tree by the castle, to the half white/half red lightbulb to keep the color pattern at the Refreshment Corner on Main Street, they don't miss a thing. It's always so much fun to notice something new that Disney doesn't bother pointing out to us. So imagine our delight to find out about a cute little detail that was added to Avenger's Campus for no other reason than for us to find!

Photo Credit: Inside the Magic

This is the side of the WEB Slingers building. Nothing to see here, right? But check out those trees. One is WAY bigger (and greener) than the other. Should we zoom in and see why?

 Photo Credit: Disneyland News Today

A pipe emitting Gamma Radiation is leading right toward that tree! 

Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

That is one heck of a big tree! And Hulk himself approves. Mark Ruffalo tweeted his hopes for the Hulk  Tree's future in the MCU. 

Way to keep up the amazing detail work, Disney! We'll be watching for more.