Monday, April 18, 2022

Don't Get Fooled: Rumors are Everywhere!


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The Disneyland rumor mill is going crazy right now, and I'm NOT here for it! Let's separate the actual facts from the entirely made up "facts" that have been going around the internet like crazy today. 

Don't know what I'm talking about? 

I'll fill you in! Headlines from Disney bloggers are everywhere today saying that Tarzan's Treehouse is getting rethemed as Encanto. I've seen it from at least 5 sources today. Want to know who isn't one of those sources? Disney! A certain source who shall remain nameless for the moment (I may change my mind by the time I finish writing this) came out and said that Tarzan's Treehouse should be rethemed during it's closure, and then took a poll of its readers asking what the new theme should be. The readers overwhelmingly chose Encanto. The problem is that their overly sensationalized, click-bait headline made that retheme sound like a definite instead of speculation. 

What We Actually Know

Tarzan's Treehouse has been closed for refurbishment and, as part of the traffic flow improvement project all through Adventureland/New Orleans Square, the entrance is going to be redone (more like the attraction's original version) so that it's no longer way out in the already crowded walkway. 

That's literally it...

What We DON'T Know

Everything else!!

Is Tarzan being rethemed? I mean, Disney hasn't announced that, and they do tend to announce these things to build hype. They don't normally close a ride and retheme it in secret halfway through the closure. 

Should Tarzan be rethemed? If they came up with something that made sense, I guess so? But it would have to be with something that makes sense, and I don't think any of the current popular movies make any sense as a treehouse. 

Don't Get Fooled

It can be super fun to speculate about what's coming next from our favorite place. But when there's a huge announcement, check if the new info actually comes from Disney or if it's just from a source who likes to pretend they're in the room where it happens. 

Rant over, thank's for listening. 

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