Friday, September 23, 2022

What MagicBand+ Will Do at Disneyland


You may or may not have heard by now, but the MagicBand system currently used at Walt Disney World (for, like, the past decade) is coming to Disneyland "this fall." We've seen a lot of questions floating around about this, so we wanted to sort out exactly what the MagicBand+ is, what it isn't, and what you'll need to do about it when it gets up and running. 

When are we getting MagicBand+?

This fall! What's that? It's fall already? Awkward....Well, I guess that means soon! There's no real start date yet but, as always when Disney is vague, we'll update when we have more info. 

What can it do?

There will be more to come later, but at launch it's best capabilities are:

  • can be scanned to enter the park
  • can be scanned for your lightning lane reservations instead of pulling out your phone and swiping through to scan in each person in your group
  • can be scanned by photographers to attach to your PhotoPass
Keep in mind to do any of that you'll need to connect your MagicBand+ and any others in your group to your Disneyland app. But it sounds like a good way of getting to use your phone less at the park. I did say less - you still reserve lightning late through the Disneyland App.

Other less useful but kind of fun capabilities include:
  • MagicBand+ will vibrate and light up in sync with nighttime shows (like those Glow with the Show ears they used to have)
  • Unlock a special Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters game in Galaxy's Edge (you'll need to connect your MagicBand+ to the Play Disney Parks app) where the lights and vibrations from the MagicBand+ will "guide you to find virtual bounties across Black Spire Outpost"

What CAN'T it do?

At least for now, you can't link it up with your credit card to pay for food/merch. That would be convenient though and I hope that's coming! It also doesn't work as a room key for the Disneyland Resort Hotels. But, again, that could be an eventual goal. 

How do I buy one/What does it cost?

MagicBand+ is already available through ShopDisney and they're $35-$45, depending on the style you choose. BE CAREFUL that you get the MagicBand+ and not the MagicBand 2 that can still be used at Disney World. There are actually a lot of styles to choose from so if you're interested in getting one you can easily match your style. 

Do I have to buy one?

Nope! This is totally optional. If it sounds fun and convenient for you, go for it! If you don't want to do it, no worries.

Can I use my old Disney World MagicBand?

MagicBand+ is NOT backwards compatible with the previously used MagicBands from Disney World (like the MagicBand 2), so if you have the older version, you'd need a new one for it to work at Disneyland. If you have the MagicBand+ that Disney World rolled out a few months ago, you're good.

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