Friday, August 25, 2023

New Menu for Tiana's Palace Restaurant Announced!


It may be another two weeks before Tiana's Palace restaurant in New Orleans Square opens in Disneyland on September 7, but we've got the first look at the new menu items. It looks GOOD! 

Let's start with the beignets, because we know thats the real reason you're here. And don't worry, the classic Mickey beignets will be coming back to the Mint Julep bar. But if you want to try something different, go for the House-filled Beignet. It has a lemon icebox pie filling with a lemon glaze on top! And if you're feeling like you need more souvenirs, you can order it on this adorable Lily Pad and Lotus Cup Ceramic Set (limit 2 per person). 

Ok, now on to the real food...

There are TWO (and a half) gumbos to try! The7 Greens Gumbo is the plant-based option, with white beans, okra, yams, and heirloom rice. If you're in the mood for all of the veggies but need a bit more, you can also order it with the chicken and andouille sausage. There's also a classic House Gumbo. This one is filled with braised chicken, andouille sausage, and heirloom rice. The Cajun Spice Half Chicken is for you if you're looking for something a little spicy! The chicken is in a house made chicory barbecue sauce and is served with mac and cheese and cole slay on the side.

None of those your style? No worries! There's more options! Let's try Gulf Shrimp and Grits. The grilled shrimp are cooked in a creole sauce and put on top of cheesy grits. I've never had grits before and am super excited to try them!

Now on to the sandwiches! There are two pretty good looking options here: The Muffaletta Sandwich and the Beef Po-boy.  The Muffaletta has mortadella, salami, rosemary ham, cheddar, provolone, and olive relish on toasted sesame seed bread. The Po-boy has slow cooked beef in gravy with shredded lettuce and tomato on french bread. 

Got kids? Let's check out the kids menu. There's a Roasted Chicken Drumstick in barbecue sauce with rice, a Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich, and a Baked Mac and Cheese. 

As far as drinks go, I'm ready to give the Joffrey's Coffee Chicory Cold Brew a try! It comes topped with sweet cream and an optional Ray Firefly Glow Cube

We'll be there on September 15 to give this a try - we'll be sure to fill you on and give reviews!

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